In memory of Stephen Burns


Letter from the parents of Stephen Burns

Hello Everyone

It is seven weeks now since Steve left us and everyday he is front and centre of our thinking. We’re getting on with our lives and adjusting to Steve not being here in person.

Many of you may not be aware but Steve’s Cricket Team organised and had made a memorial display that was presented to Phil and myself at Steve’s Wake. I have attached a photo of it. It is now hanging in the Leeming Sports Centre and will remain there until the cricket team winds up or when Paul no longer plays. We were very touched by the gesture and the way Steve Kylie spoke of Steve. He was truly blessed with wonderful friends.

We’ve just spent a little over two weeks driving back from the East Coast as we left our car there when we got the news.

Since arriving home we’ve set up an ‘Everyday Hero’s’ page to raise money for Epilepsy which is linked to the City-to-Surf web page. Phil will be doing the 4km walk and I’m doing the 12km run (jog). Janice Cairns has set up a team for people to join called ‘Stephen’s Angels’. Anyone and everyone is welcome to join and/or set up their donation page to link with ‘Stephen’s Angels’. We are very appreciative of the support the staff at St Bernadette’s is giving us.

I’m also having some tee shirts printed for the run and plan to sell these for $20 of which hopefully $10 will be fund raising for Epilepsy I’m a little unsure of numbers so if anyone is interested in purchasing one I would love some feed-back. As soon as we have a sample it will be posted, along with sizes etc.

The link to ‘Stephen’s Angels’ page is:


Our contacts list is not extensive enough to include the many, many people who have made contact with us in some form. We have had hundreds of cards, letters and notes and have been astounded at the depth of love and care that has been sent and given to us. And we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

With love

Phil and Mary"

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