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The Epilepsy Association (WA) Inc is dependent on community support so that it can continue to assist people with epilepsy throughout Western AUstralia. Becoming a member of the Epilepsy Association (WA) Inc is easy, just contact our office for a membership form.

Membership entitles you to:

  • vote at general meetings of the Epilepsy Association (WA) Inc
  • receive a copy of The Epilepsy Report
  • various benefits and privileges that may be publicised as being available to members from time to time
  • invitations to scheduled seminars, educational programs and social events

Membership also gives you access to our library.

Epilepsy WA Membership Form Epilepsy WA Membership Form

Statement about Epilepsy WA in WA Parliament:
HON KATE DOUST (South Metropolitan — Deputy Leader of the Opposition) [5.22 pm]: I promised members that I would be brief. I want to acknowledge many members across the spectrum of Parliament who have arrived at Parliament today wearing some purple item. I thank those members, including Hon Liz Behjat, who have worn that colour or worn the purple badge. I want to thank them for doing that and for providing that level of support to people with epilepsy in our state. About 24 500 people have to deal with this neurological disease; it is a quite debilitating one. As the parent of a child with epilepsy, I acknowledge that. I certainly acknowledge the fine work done by Epilepsy WA, its CEO, Suresh Rajan, and his staff. They do an outstanding job as advocates for people with epilepsy in our state. It is difficult enough for most of us to get on with our lives; it becomes more complicated when people have to deal with that type of issue, particularly a young person on the threshold of employment or looking to get a driver’s licence or any of those other things that we take for granted. It was great to see many people across Parliament expressing their support today, and I put on the record my thanks and acknowledgement of the great work that Epilepsy WA does for our state. Members: Hear, hear!

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