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Building Productive Lives

Do you realise:

•   One or two people out of every hundred will have epilepsy at some stage in their life.

•    1 to 2% of Australians have active epilepsy and most are living productive lives with this condition?

•   The majority of those who have epilepsy will achieve control with medication.

•   Epilepsy can occur at any age and may be the result of many factors including head injuries, brain infections, strokes or heredity.

So many people build productive lives in spite of their epilepsy. Yet there is a stigma attached to an epilepsy diagnosis that unfairly tries to squelch the hopes and aspirations of these individuals.

Epilepsy Association of WA is seeking to change that!

•  Through education about what epilepsy is, we are breaking down the misconceptions people have about this most common of neurological conditions.

•  Through participation in research, we are increasing the information available about epilepsy.

•  Through activities and events, we are proving that people with epilepsy can lead productive lives.

We are determined to get the word out that epilepsy does not, of itself, cause a person to be intellectually handicapped.

Use this site as a resource.  This is a place to connect with people who will support you.

At Epilepsy Association of WA, we say, "You can attain your dreams." Let us become a part of your successful future.





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If your town or city does not have the support group you need, take matters into your own hands! With the help of your local Epilepsy Foundation affiliate or your doctor, you might be able to start a support group for people your age to meet each other and discuss epilepsy.

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